Pricing on Turnkey models starts at approximately $48,000 depending on drivetrain and body configuration. Please call or email for addititional pricing information. Turnkey Chassis Specifications are similar to Rolling Chassis described below, but turnkeys are complete, painted, running cars with drivetrain.

Rolling Chassis

The 23-North America and the 23-Sports Racer may be purchased as rolling chassis. Each comes assembled without engine or gearbox. The body is fitted but not painted. The chassis is powder coated in Lotus gray and the suspension is bright Nickel plated. The tube chassis and all suspension components used in the Xanthos 23 are also available as suitable replacements for the original Lotus 23B. Disc brakes are by Girling, and gauges are Cockpit by VDO. Wheels are new reproduction Lotus Wobbly Web in Aluminum alloy. Price $35,000.00 for the 23-North America and $35,800.00 for the 23-Sports Racer.