Volume 2 Issue 3 / January 1998
8871 Balboa Avenue, Suite A
San Diego, California 92123
Robert Simmons, Editor (619) 277-4681

Boy, do we have a car for you to see! Recently I have come to know many people in the automotive field. You have either written to me or otherwise been signaled out as an automobile enthusiast. It is for that reason that I am contacting you about the cars I currently import.

Prototype Test Car

Xanthos Sports Cars in England has been exporting replacement spares for the original Lotus 23 for ten years. During that time they have also shipped entire replicars all over the world. I came directly in contact with them in January of 1997. I flew to the U.K. to test drive one of their 23's and was baffled when they told me I was the first person in the United States to order one of their cars.

My car was delivered April 10th. After two car shows, I registered it in California and have been driving it since May on the street. It served as a test vehicle for the cars which follow. The Type 23 has proved to be everything its makers have said; light weight (1,000 pounds) rigid and rattle free. A 125 HP 1963 Lotus Twin-Cam tall block mated to a formulae vee four speed powers it. The type 1 Volkswagen gearbox casing turned upside down is used as in the original Lotus 23B.

Xanthos Cars-North America, Incorporated became the U.S. distributor in April 1997. Immediately work began to configure a street sports car. After months of development, a "Next Generation 23" was created. The first of these new cars has already arrived and testing is now completed. A second is ready for shipment. All cars presently are fitted with Lotus Twin-Cams but plans are in the works to introduce a Toyota MR-2 engine in 1998.

Type 23-Sports Racer

The most dramatic change to the new car has been to the windshield. The critical task was to create a safety glass windshield, which would not interfere with the sensuous lines of the car. The solution was to push the leading edge of the windshield further forward and maintain the same angle of deflection. The end result is a handsome and more functional car. The new car has been named Type 23-Sports Racer.

For 1998 Xanthos Cars-North America is pleased to continue offering its highly acclaimed replica of the Lotus 23B race car (shown below) and now a new street model, The Type 23-Sports Racer.

For Sales Information Contact: Xanthos Cars-North America, Incorporated.

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